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Ozone Steam Sauna

Ozone works at the basic level of all important bodily functions; respiration, digestion, assimilation, elimination and immunity. The Ozone steam sauna is one of the most powerful methods of introducing Ozone into the body. The heat created by the sauna opens the pores and dilates the capillaries; this allows ozone to penetrate fully into the tissue. [read more]

Live Blood Analysis

Live Blood Analysis is for anyone who cares about their health and is suitable for any age. The advantage of this test  is that it may detect a problem before it becomes a health issue. Conventional Lab tests kill the blood when it is prepared and overlooking what might be present in live blood. Live blood testing is just as beneficial for healthy people as unhealthy. If you have a disease it will show the progress of treatments

LED Lights

In Light Wellness Systems™ is a photo-modulated (pulsed, light emitting diodes) device also known as low-level light therapy (LLLT). The infrared and visible red LEDs are the heart of the In Light Wellness Systems™ therapy system, providing gentle but powerful non-coherent light. In Light Wellness Systems™ uses a carefully timed sequence of settings, known as pulses, to create an environment in which change may occur more rapidly.

Health and Clean AirOxygen is the major nutrient required by the body, some 800 liters per day.  A partial lack of oxygen (hypoxia) will cause major disease problems over time, and a total lack of oxygen (anoxia) will result in brain damage in four minutes, and death in seven minutes. Many people spend large portions of time in […]
Magnesium – The Essential Forgotten MineralMagnesium in Your Diet Magnesium is an essential mineral for human nutrition. Function Magnesium in the body serves several important functions: Contraction and relaxation of muscles Function of certain enzymes in the body Production and transport of energy Production of protein Food Sources Most dietary magnesium comes from vegetables, such as dark green, leafy vegetables. Other foods […]
Detox Your BodyThe Detox Your Body Top 10 Leafy green vegetables. Eat them raw in a salad, throw them into a broth, steam them and mix with rice or add to an omelet, or puree them into juices. The chlorophyll in greens helps swab out environmental toxins (heavy metals, pesticides). It’s also an all-around liver protector, which your […]